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Hello, my name is David Champlin. I have been a Graphic Designer for the University of Missouri for Five years. I help in the designing and production of most of the signage, web graphics, and publications for the Student Auxiliary Services of the Missouri Universities. I am a masters student learning New Media in the School of Journalism. I'm really more comfortable using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for designing rather than typing the design. But learning the tools for web design is like learning how to use photoshop, practice and repetition.

I received my B.S. in fine arts in 2005. I play the tuba also I am the official runner of the Big MO drum. I have a top speed 7 mph and I come fully equip.

Assignment Links

  1. Mini Project 1
  2. Mini Project 2
  3. Design Document
  4. Mini Project 3
  5. Midterm
  6. Mini Project 4
  7. Evaluation Report
  8. Final Web Site

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