David Champlin
October 22, 2015


Goals of the system:

To have the brokers of the commerical realestate firm to connect and work with the marketing team.



Notify marketing team of new job or project.

  1. Marketing team has notifications synchronized with mobile and computers platforms.
  2. Ability to pick and choose team members to be on the project.
  3. Set deadlines and tasks to marketing team.
  4. Mark projects as complete.

Attach documents, images and videos to marketing job.

  1. Using a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Include instructions or notes for placements or how to proceed with files.
  3. Have metadata about who placed the file.
  4. Have data on size and type of file.

Submit coordinates for an Geographical Aerial Site plan.

  1. Intergration with Google Earth and Google Maps. Also use some services from Bing Maps.
  2. Have links to street views via Google Maps and Bing Maps.
  3. Have a widget or link to use GIS from Google Earth or Bing
  4. Import options for GIS shapefiles that are provided from US Cencus Breau.

Prepare a presentation for transmission to client.

  1. Have paste in options for MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote
  2. Have file intergration with dropbox.
  3. An optimization system to truncate images videos and text to be sent through email.

Chat with a member of marketing team.

  1. Immediate pop up notification that a team member has logged on.
  2. Automatic opening of chat window upon log in (not a separate login).
  3. Visibility includes “available”, “away”, and "busy".
  4. Easy enabling of video chat similar to Google Hangouts or Skype.

Track status of project.

  1. See which team member is working on a specific task.
  2. Look at how much time the team has worked on the project.
  3. Assign tasks to another marketing team member.