David Champlin
October 30, 2015

Module 5.2


Jody needs to review and edit a document from Ted that lives in Switzerland. Ted has not yet submitted his document yet and Jody is worried about it being too close to deadline. Jody notices that Ted is online working on the document. She scrolls down to the paragraph that he is currently working on and sees the cursor moving on the block of text. She opens the instant messaging widget on the website and clicks on the icon/avatar representing Ted. Ted greets Jody with a frantic message that he will almost be done with his part of the document. He admits that he fallen behind researching the topic.

Jody instant messages with Ted to open a video conferencing feature of the online UI. A google hangout window pops open with an invite to Ted. Ted opens the invite and greets Jody.

Ted highlights the word aardvark in the paragraph. Jody right clicks the word and pop up menu appears and she click on the words “Define For”. A sidebar to the right appears with the definition of aardvark.

Noun ˈärdˌvärk
aardvark - noun; aardvarks - plural noun
a nocturnal burrowing mammal with long ears, a tubular snout, and a long extensible tongue, feeding on ants and termites. Aardvarks are native to Africa and have no close relatives..

Jody types in the information into the paragraph on the document. Ted can see Jody’s couror move while she is typing because the system allows to see real time changes being made on a document. Jody is now satisfied, the document is complete.

Jody saves the document as in a PDF format. The file is saved on the cloud system storage that is networked with the online program. Jody now makes a shareable hyperlink to the PDF for download and submission.