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ODVAC provides the performance needed for surgical teams to provide quality care currently and proficiently.

For some hospital staff there are times where there is no proficient person available for guidance. Change of shift handoffs may be given to inexperienced staff members in the form of a quick rundown of the essentials, a scribbled note to pass along vital information, or company instruction manual/pamphlet. even core service specific staff members experience performance difficulties when dealing with low use/low-frequency supplies, equipment and procedures.

Preoperative nurse educators, managers, surgeons and staff members are seeking ways to meet performance demands imposed on the peri/intraoperative area by the rapid advances in surgical technology. The rapid change in the use of preoperative performance support systems.

This demonstration of ODVAC will walk through a peri/intraoperative scenario. The persona’s name is Bob, he is a circulating nurse and happens to work at a hospital that uses ODVAC enabled devices.


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