My name is Dave, and I'm a student learning...

How to make digitial images

How to create and edit digitial audio

and a gee8

(And proud of it)

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What led me to take
Introduction to Digital Media, 7361, Fall 2011 ?

I have a great deal of passion for media in general. But what I wanted was a better understanding for other digital media. I have been a graphic designer for a number of years. So I'm not a stranger to graphical media like images and text. I really have a genuine interest in music and video making. Thanks to taking this class I now have a well formed foundation for content creation beyond typing comments on a blog. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to comment how great my stuff is.

My three projects. See the whole project by clicking on the image below.
Thumbnail image of the Digital Image Project Thumbnail image of the Digital Audio project Thumbnail image of the Digital Video project